Support members to explore opportunities for shared procurement and service opportunities

Assisting our membership to conserve valuable time and money, CHIA Vic explores opportunities to share resources and services. In 2018/19, this including developing a suite of energy efficiency projects to enable members to implement energy saving measures that would reduce the costs for tenants and improve building quality.

Solar Homes

CHIA Vic and Boom! coordinated the installation of solar panels at and 22 apartment buildings that housed 698 households, plus 94 standalone properties, utilising funding from the Victorian Property Fund and rebates from the Victorian Government’s Solar Homes program.

The community housing properties were managed by five organisations: Community Housing Limited, Housing Choices Australia, South-East Housing Cooperative, Unison and South Port. The total cost of the solar upgrades supported by the Solar Homes rebate contract was $1,149,730.32, with a total rebate amount of $467,118.50.

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Exploring financing options for energy efficiency upgrades

An ongoing issue for community housing organisations seeking to improve the energy efficiency of their properties is that whilst they bear the cost of the upgrades, it is the tenants who benefit from reduced energy bills. With support from the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, CHIA Vic worked with the Victorian community housing sector to identify financing options and business models that would allow the organisations to share the cost of their investment in clean energy solutions with tenants.

A key outcome was the exciting possibilities offered by a third-party entity with a revolving funding, which could own and/or manage energy upgrades on behalf of the community housing sector. The sector was interested in pursuing this further, and CHIA Vic has sought further legal advice, focusing on the viability of a third-party provider to own/manage and finance these energy upgrades.

Further grant funding has been sought to support more in-depth analysis of the viability of a third-party vehicle, including outlining possible ownership structures, governance and business designs and opportunities for a revolving blended finance fund.

Thanks to our Supporters

As a not-for-profit peak body, CHIA Vic relies on our strong membership base and the financial support of our major sponsors to be able to provide the vital services, support, training, advocacy and project work required by our sector. We would like to thank the following organisations for their assistance in 2018/19:

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